COPPERBELT Province UPND chairman Elisha Matambo says the PF is in a “terrible shock” following Hakainde Hichilema’s massive rally in Kitwe over the weekend.

Thousands of people descended on Nsansa Grounds in Racecourse township on Saturday to attend the rally and stayed on even when it started raining.

But Copperbelt Province PF chairman Nathan Chanda said the ruling party does not lose sleep over the huge crowd Hichilema pulled in Kitwe.

Chanda downplayed the attendance and said: “HH and his colleagues are good at ferrying people from all over and photoshop.

“We saw how buses were ferrying people from different parts of the country to attend the UPND rally,” said Chanda.

“UPND is good at ferrying people from different parts of the country to attend their rallies.”

Matambo called The Mast to counter Chanda’s assertion.

“I want to tell my younger brother Nathan Chanda that lies have short legs. The people of the Copperbelt literally put the PF in office in 2011. The PF has reached a dead-end with its lies and the people of the Copperbelt have realised that they are dealing with criminal liars and violent people,” he said.

“While the people of the Copperbelt are being fed with lies by the PF, we as the UPND have kept on explaining to them the policies for the UPND.”

He explained that Copperbelt residents are not automatically getting attracted to the UPND but that such is through relentless mobilisation by the opposition party.

Matambo indicated that Zambians have been lied to by the PF leadership that there would be ‘more money in your pockets’ when in fact not.

“The only pockets where there is money are the pockets for those in the PF, not ordinary Zambians. Hakainde and his team are telling the truth and the people of the Copperbelt have decided that the person who loves Zambians genuinely is Hakainde,” he said.

“I want to promise the PF, Nathan Chanda and President Lungu that imbwa ibuluma taisuma (a dog that frequently barks does not bite) and that’s the difference between the UPND and the PF. The PF makes noise every day about things which they cannot provide for Zambia.”

Matambo vowed that despite the PF unjustifiably relying on the public order Act to complicate the UPND’s mobilisation strategies, “we are determined to tear in pieces PF structures and we are doing it.”

“We are not joking! We are working 24/7 to tell the people of the Copperbelt the truth. They [PF] may deny us permits to hold meetings but we’ll do it in a different style. When liberating this country from colonial rule, our forefathers were denied permits to hold gatherings, just like it is now,” he explained.

“But we are determined to dismantle the PF and we are almost there. We’ll fight until the last atom of our energy until Zambians are liberated, through Copperbelt.”

Matambo noted that it was the Copperbelt which made the PF win the 2011 general elections and that the UPND would reverse the trend in the 2021 polls.

“It is this province that will make the PF lose the 2021 elections. Let Nathan Chanda stop cheating his boss Edgar Lungu that everything is okay on the Copperbelt,” he said.

Matambo highlighted the electoral results graph, at presidential level, for the UPND and PF, since the 2011 general elections.
“The PF got almost 500,000 votes in 2011 while the UPND got 17,000. We worked hard and in 2015, the PF got some 300,000 votes while the UPND had 67,000 votes. In 2016 the PF further dropped to 200 something thousand votes while the UPND went to 187,000 votes,” Matambo said.

“But in 2021 we want to go beyond 500,000 votes and that’s our target. Whatever the PF will do, the people of the Copperbelt have already decided that the next president of Zambia is Hakainde Hichilema.”
He said he was in touch with all the UPND provincial chairmen and that they were working on increasing votes for Hichilema in 2021.

“We are working on numbers; we want to work extra hard so that we can beat the PF by a huge margin. The difference between Lungu or whoever will be the PF presidential candidate and HH will be so huge that they will fail to rig this time around,” Matambo noted.

“I know that the PF is in a terrible shock after that rally on Saturday. The truth of the matter is that we never ferried anybody from any town. 90 per cent of that crowd you saw was made up of Kitwe residents. Let the PF just agree that it has lost popularity on the Copperbelt. If they don’t want to believe that now, they will agree in 2021.”
He encouraged the UPND leadership in the province not to relent but to maintain the momentum.

“Akuna kulala (there is no sleeping). For me, I’m always on the road until 11 August, 2021. Uwafitala akaimwena (any doubting Thomas will be proven wrong),” said Matambo.



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