Home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo has said he will not allow the UPND to move with a thousand vehicle convoy.

UPND are mobilizing following the summoning of party leader Hakainde Hichilema by Mpika police as they want a thousand vehicle convoy to escort their party leader.

However, Mr Kampyongo said during a briefing today that Political parties are daring government and when it acts, they claim that the civic space is shrinking and play victim.

The minister said government will not entertain any form of violence regardless of who perpetrates it.

He further warned the UPND against moving with a thousand vehicle convoy.

And Kampyongo disclosed that Sesheke UPND MP Romeo Kang’ombe was on the vehicle where two abducted police officers and five civil servants of Muchinga Province were bundled and later assaulted.

He also said some political parties have been going to East Africa to seek funding adding that their funders were encouraging them to engage in lawlessness.

My Kampyongo further revealed plans by the opposition to deliberately cause violence ahead of 2021. -ZR




  1. You ex Katondo Street money changer please quote the law that prohibits 1,000 vehicles going to one place. Idiot Kampyongo is drunk with power. You will regret very soon baba because you think Zambian is you personal farm with your visionless president. We shall meet in the field mr. Mwankole Kampyongo.

  2. Is it PF roads or is for everyone,
    Guys let’s organise even more than 3000 its our time to use these roads without counting how many vehicles are on the roads. HH for Zambians not for PF. Free advice don’t test us please.

  3. Bwa mwankole you have nothing to do.quote the law where it says a thousand vehicles can’t go to a place.we saw your leaders being escorted to court how come it can’t be the same with opposition.was it HH who abducted those people?who saw him do that and who saw kangombe do that?we have video and pics of pf police and cadres blocking the road and perpetrating lawlessness.mr kapyongo you are too much.are you police or a minister?mwilatutinya

  4. ???? Bushe roads in Zambia now belong to Kampyongo. Where he is saying “I will not allow “ please Zambians tax payers ask this blind bat napatata . He thinks he owns the roads because he was allowed to use katondo street

  5. The idiot minister must first state what offence a 1000 convoy of vehicles commit when they move along a road, any public road. Every day more than 1000 vehicles pass the great north road from Livgstone to Copperbelt, Nakonde. What is illegal then with anyone else wanting to go these routes at 1000 vehicle convoy? The pseudo minister is using ILLIGALITY to stop legality. Who deserves to be dealt with in this case? That’s illegal intimidation and we will not tolerate it. Whether he likes it or not, Mpika Turns Red on Tuesday. He should blame himself for sanctioning an event that will aid the UPND campaign nation wide on Tuesday. You may have a target goal for 2021 elections BUT WE HAVE A BIGGER ONE OURSELVES. PF MUST VACATE OFFICE, GIVE WAY, WE HAVE BUSINESS WITH THE PRESIDENCY WITH THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA.

  6. There is no law prohibiting a convoy of 1000 vehicles. I am therefore wondering what Minister intends to do. Arrest them and charge them with what?

  7. I was in serenje on Wednesday when some pf cadres started blocking the road as upnd were putting fuel at a filling station. When the vehicles started off pf cadres started throwing stones and bottles. In retaliation upnd came back wounded and pf scapered in all directions .

    • Naimwe ba Organizer, why reveal your plan publicly? Which soldier reveals his plan to his enemy? Since PF has become an enemy of peace, you should have done a don’t kubeba convoy. Next time don’t go to social media or press, just take ba mwankole by surprise. Why are you behaving like novices?

  8. Zambians learn a lesson from these criminals, who can not analyze issues. Steven kampyongo is he married and have children? This man he has got a very bad heart and he needs to change otherwise , people are not happy with his behavior.

  9. This chimpyongo is just a mitger fcker! Who does he think he is? Does anyone need permission from tjis kamatuvi fella? Nyini yake. Arsewhore.

  10. Don’t listen to him this uneducated chap. Which law is he using. Is he the law enforcement officer. How dare he says such nonsense. Which law disallows citizens to travel to to every place if the country? What type of stupidity is this that we are tolerating in our country?


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