Chibesa Kalandwe II Writes:

In Bahati, UPND is just wasting time.

The same way Southerners vote for UPND in large numbers because the party is led by one of their own Tonga speaking person, in Bahati, we shall return the favour by voting for someone in PF because the party is led by one of us.

Do not think think we are fools, you people vote for UPND in Southern Province because all the candidates are Tonga but you expect us Northerners to vote for you in our areas based on principal.

What principal? we shall also go out in huge numbers and vote on tribal lines to make sure we return control of our own areas with our own people.


  1. Utter nonsense! Such talk comes from people whose reasoning capacity has shrunk due to systematic decomposition.
    Zambia is a unitary state and leaders should be chosen on merit and not because of tribe.
    God has given ‘icaabu’ to all tribes and Munda mufuma abamano, ifipuba nangula ifiwelewele, elyo kabili nempuupu.
    Alamwebantu mwila tesha kumashiwi yamusango you, pantu yalatulufya. Voteleni umuntu mulemona ukuti apindulule icalocesu cikwate ubuyantanshi nokutamfya insala pakatikesu. Mukabepwa imiku inga?

  2. It is not about tribe but quality leadership that matters. Look at the current political and economic stress… Not good at all.


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