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The UPND Copperbelt Provincial Women’s League has added its voice to the endorsement of Party President Mr Hakainde Hichilima as the sole Presidential candidate and Dr. Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba as his Vice President for the 2021 general elections and any other election before.

Meanwhile, the women demanded that the Police release the investigations report on the death of Vespers who died following the students’ riot at the University of Zambia.

The women declared their support for Mr Hichilema and Dr Mwamba during a women mobilisation meetings in Chimfunshi and Chililabombwe yesterday.

Provincial Vice Chairlady, Mrs Grace Sampa Malunga told PF to stop meddling into UPND internal affairs and concentrate on putting its own confused house in order.

“Who we decide to choose as our party President and Vice President is our internal business and not PF or anyone else’s business. The PF should instead concentrate on putting it confused house in order.” Mrs. Malunga said.

“The behavior of the PF just shows how scared they are of UPND and can’t stand the heat coming from our kitchen (UPND).” added Mrs Malunga.

She urged all women in the UPND to stand firm and defend the party leadership and the UPND in general against any external interference, regardless of where it is coming from.

Mrs Malunga appealed to the women to go out to recruit more members as well as mobilising the party. She told them to take advantage of the PF`s confusion going on arising from their undemocratic intra~party elections by urging the aggrieved to choose the democratic UPND as their party of choice.

And Mrs Malunga warned the women against being wooed by PF to join them, saying that PF party had nothing better to offer them and the people of Zambia.

“We are in hardship because the PF has failed to manage the affairs of this country. The cost of living has gone up. We have no food in our homes because it is very expensive and we can’t afford it anymore. Worse still our husbands and adult children have no jobs to sustain our families. Our children can’t go to school because its no longer affordable. We can’t access quality medical care because it’s either very expensive or the hospitals have no medicine.” Mrs Malunga observed.

She further observed that the farming input system is a sham and so we can’t engage in sustainable farming.

“What therefore, should attract us to join the PF, party that has caused the high level of sufferings in our homes?” she asked.

Mrs Malunga advised women to be managers of their families, to be wary of PF members who would approach them to defect.

“They will come with sweet talk. Some might offer you chitenges, food stuff and any necessities. Ask them if they will continue to bring that to your family everyday. Reject such manoeuvres because its not sustainable,” she told them.

And the women demanded that the Zambia Police releases the report on Vespers` death so that the country can officially know who was responsible for her death.

“As mothers, we are hurting to see how our daughter could lose life under such circumstances. We send our children to school so that they can take care of themselves and us in our old age. Vespers` parents invested in her with a hope that tomorrow it would be better for them and its very painful to lose a child under such circumstances. Mrs. Malunga lamented.

“We are mothers who know what it means to bear a child, we share the pain with Vespers` mother,” Mrs Malunga said.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Women’s team led by Mrs Malunga received several defectors from PF who joined the UPND in Chililabombwe.



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