Another showdown between the UPND and PF is looming in Lusaka.

The latest being the opposition UPND youths in Lusaka giving the PF cadres terrorizing people at Intercity bus terminus to vacate the public area immediately.

The UPND youths say there is no way PF cadres can be collecting levies and charging citizens in public places leaving the government and council with nothing.

Currently, the area is being manned by Francis Muchemwa and his friend Chendamali who was shot in the thigh yesterday and is battling for his life in UTH.

But in a voice note received indicate that, UPND youths have planned that the PF cadres must within three days vacate Intercity bus terminus and leave the council to run the bus station and market therein.

The UPND youths plan to ambush the PF cadres and beat them hell of out them as they did yesterday including at Lima tower, Katondo and Cairo areas.

It is not clear though when this will be executed but some sources say within three days, it will be implemented.

SOURCE: Zambian Watch


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