UPNDC – HH /Kambwili ticket is the Trump card

This is the answer to the electoral victory Zambia needs. HH is a front runner but prominent opposition leaders like HK, KBF cannot rally behind him becoz their Godfather instilled in them that Bemba’s are kings. Sadly the are overrating themselves because they don’t understand the generational shift in Zambian politics. The youth vote which is the king maker is prominently tribal blind.

To HH, listen to voice of reason, don’t listen to your inner circle who think you have won the election already yet cannot even help you campaign in the PF perceived strongholds like Eastern, Luapula , Muchinga and Northern province.

To beat these selfish, greedy, tribal politicians HH must embrace one politician that they cannot match in vibrancy, militancy and vigorous simple message that resonates with these regions.
This Person is Kambwili. An HH /Kambwili ticket is the Trump card . – Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba



  1. Wait for next year when the “Horse trading” gets into “Full swing”, elo mukamona ifyakuteya injuga, ne mingalato, as we the “Mighty” Mufulira Wanderers Football Fans say: “ba Mighty bawina chungulo”!!!!!!!

  2. Personally I don’t think CK is reliable. HK, KFB are may even be better in terms of consistency.
    CK changes positions faster than a chameleon.
    I personally feel these are not the type of politicians we need in Zambia.

  3. Proud Aushi, you have nailed it. This is the way to go. Ni forwardfye. I always follow your contributions, very constructive.

  4. Dear Mumba, I agree with you about HH being a presidential front runner for this coming 2021general elections. Butt I totally disagree with you on the your statement about HK and KBF concerning tribal mind, (1) Zambia is a multiparty democracy your are free to form or belong to any political party (2) HK & KBF come from two different tribes Aushi and bemba respectively. (3) Harry Kalaba is not a bemba but Aushi from Mansa Luapula. (4) KBF is a bemba. (5) Last general elections Northern and muchinga provinces voted highly for Lungu with Madam Inonge as running mate who are both not bembas. Let’s learn to critise on principal not turn everything in tribal otherwise we will just go in circles counter accusing each other as tribalists. KBF’s decision has nothing to do with being a bemba as a tribe but individual conviction and democracy which we should learn to respect that. Let’s not offend other innocent bembas because wrongly analysis. Please there is no bemba tribe in Luapula province only Lundas, Aushi, Ngumbos, Batwa etc


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