Good afternoon friends. We have issued this statement below. Kindly widely share.

10th May 2019


There is no need to pretend anymore about the ongoing economic crisis facing the country. We are all fully affected regardless of our political persuasion.

Instead of wasting time and resources at the ongoing PF engineered National Dialogue Forum, well meaning citizens must urgently come together and rescue this country from the economic sabotage.

The agriculture sector is at an all time low, mining firms are shutting down critical operations resulting in massive job losses, the cost of living and doing business keeps escalating, inflation is increasing, the Zambian currency is tumbling against major currencies plus many other depressing issues.

On the other hand, corruption is getting worse and those holding instruments of power are not giving any direction on where we are headed as they cannot face the citizens by way of a national address to give hope.

The country is running on autopilot hence the need for some form of leadership by those of us who care for the country and can offer some policy alternatives.

Zambia belongs to all of us, so we must get concerned and take remedial measures to address the distressing economic situation in the country.

This is the kind of dialogue that must be promoted as no one has a monopoly on knowledge.

People from various sectors including marketeers, drivers, miners, students, youth and women, should all be given a platform to offer solutions.

The nation cannot be subjected to the kind of circus that is currently going on at the PF driven national dialogue when our economy is in a free fall.

Let’s put our heads together and address the ongoing economic collapse.

*Hakainde Hichilema*
*UPND President*


  1. Comment:You’re right HH, let’s put our heads together and salvage our country from eminent colapse of the economy and the only way you prove that you care about our country is by beeing less negative on national issues but offering workable alternatives and advise to those in power now.


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