Socialite Iris Kaingu says those Zambians who feel like using the Sondashi Formula must not listen to people against it because the same people did not question ARV’s.

Ms. Kaingu says it is shocking at the level of desperation by some few Zambians who are making money on ARV’s when the cure is just in Zambia.

Reacting to Zambian Watch story of Dr. Sondashi curing 1,000 people by 2018/2019, Ms. Kaingu says using Sondashi formula is optional just like using ARV’s.

“Look my honest opinion on Sondashi Formula is that it has been here in Zambia for a long time. I think since 2000, i have been hearing about this Sondashi Formula. Do you think if it was never near the truth of curing people will still be existing upto now? That man is dealing with people’s lives, all governments that comes in know that. I think if it was bogus it would have been banned along time ago” she said.

“Just imagine someone from the western countries brings ARV’s Zambians are just jumping on it, taking it without questioning. Now Sondashi says he is curing people, selfish people want proof? Proof of what? Sondashi formula is optional, if you dont believe in it, use ARV’S , if you believe in it, use Sondashi” she said.

She says she is still wondering why HIV people don’t come out in an open and declare that they are positive.

“Look, people are asking for proof, but who is willing to come out in an open and say i’m HIV? People hide it until their death”

She says those people living with HIV must seek a meeting with Dr. Sondashi to see how his medicine can help them.

“If i’m member of parliament in 2021, i will try to engange Dr. Sondashi to see how best his medicine can help our people. This is a blessing. Imagine Dr. Chitalu Chilufya just launched a new HIV Drug that supresses the virus in 10 to 14 days? Who have tried it before? So why descouraging others not to try Sondashi formula? I wish people living with HIV can seek for a meeting with Dr. Sondashi so that they best talk how they can help each other” she said.


  1. Surely you must be a very ignorant woman Iris. i will not say anymore because whatever you said is out of ignorance. Read about clinical trials and how medicines are certified.


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