Vedanta Resources Holdings Limited wants to be joined in the matter in which ZCCM-IH Plc is seeking an order to have KCM wound up.

Vedanta says if it is not joined to the proceedings by the court, it stands to suffer great prejudice as it has over 79 percent shares in the mining company.

On Tuesday, High Court Judge Anessie Banda-Bobo granted ZCCM-IH an order to appoint lawyer Milingo Lungu as provisional liquidator of Konkola Copper Mines, who has since taken over operations.

ZCCM-IH says the mining company is engaged in massive tax evasions through transfer, mispricing and other unscrupulous means, adding that it is insolvent and has failed to pay outstanding invoices to suppliers and contractors as and when they fall due.

According to an ex-parte summons for an order for joinder of a party to the proceedings filed in the Lusaka High Court, Vedanta wants to be joined as second respondent.



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