By Banda Sakanya

Copperbelt ~Kalulushi


Am ashamed to belong to this nation where lying is part of the agenda on the tables of high profile figures the likes of the vice president INONGE WINA.

In all fairness, was the Vice president in order to have lied that she knew who gutted city market immediately after it got burnt even before instituting investigations?
To this date, she has not informed the nation to who gutted the city market.

She shamelessly lied in parliament on gassing that it was the opposition ploy meant to destabilised the good governance by PF regime. To this date no opposition has been in arrested in connection with gassing but only PF inclined members have been picked so far in gassing related matters and PF has grown cold fit in giving out a comprehensive report on gassing.

As though that was not enough lying from Mama WINA, she further shamelessly lied in parliament yesterday that the violence and abducting of the police in Mpika was done by UPND. Is it old age catching up with her?

The alarming statements she issues are dangerous and can ignite fire in the country.

We have seen pictures and videos of cadres and men in uniform blocking the road with tires, were those men in uniform policemen or cadres because policemen would not allow that nonsensical act?

Can INONGE WINA tell us why those men in Uniform allowed cadres to block the public road?

How did she know they were UPND cadres that abducted the policemen?

Hon Mweetwa has now been vindicated for having called her a shameless liar

It seems lying is her seasoned hobby no wonder why she can’t stop.

Genuine speak the truth no matter how hurting it is than all the time lying to cleanse one’s in own making mess..



  1. This old cow has always been a liar. She is an alarmist not a leader. Old but no wisdom in the head. Many old people are full of wisdom and always give direction to the young generation. Unfortunately this old woman is not the type that can leave a good legacy behind despite the fact that she’s almost close to the grave. She will die without leaving any positive legacy behind apart from lying between her teeth. She will be remembered for careless talk boardering on inciting anarchy. Useless old woman she is anyway.

  2. That is true about this veep, évén the way she anwer questions in parliament leaves alot to be desired, yet she gets tax payers money for nothing

  3. This old cow Inonge is really an arsewhore! She is full of shit and lies without shame day in and day out!! This is the same old arse that reported Larry Mweetwa to the British Govt that Larry is a wanted Terrorist in Zambia. Obviously, the muzungu quickly realised the malice from the old cow! They told her abd the entire PFGovt to go to hell! There was no evidence whatsoever and they it was a political witch hunt. That is how inonge and her PFGovt were stopped in the tracks from malicious persecuting Larry. Inonge is nothing but a pure shit cow and hypocrite.
    Remember, this is the same old cow that helped to forge Lungu’s nomination for PF presidency. As early as 3am, Inonge was at the forefront of those waking up a judge to sign an injunction. We wonder why they can jail Kambwili for a minor offence when shit whires like Wina who cheated the constitution are walking around freely!! Dont be deceived by her ancient age, the old arse is extremely evil and the devil’s advocate in everything that has gone wrong in our country.

    • I do not trust whatever comes from PF. Lies are too much.
      Corruption and lies comes from their mouth each day they open their lips.
      Lungu is now changing his Ngucha service stations to Engen. Lungu and his colleagus are deep in corruption and cannot stomach the fact that UPND will be taking over power in 2021. They have since resorted to lies.

  4. In old age some people get dementia and this old old woman is one of the victims so please forgive her. Her brain is not functioning normally.

  5. This one has been lying from the day of fictitious nomination of her leader today’s. That is why I shudder to think what her late husband would do to her if he woke up today. She was married to a straight forward man with dignity, but see her, not even her brother in law Sikota can help her to look into a mirror and see if nothing has gone kumawire.

  6. Only government has the machinery to carry out these atrocities and cover its tracks! Gassing, setting fire to markets, abducting policemen (in PF designated UPND no go area) is a well orchestrated agenda implemented by government agents! These are communist tactics aiming at destabilizing and harassing political opponents to maintain despotic leadership! The citizenry need not expect any conclusive information from any “investigations” into these clandestine hurtful activities for government can not investigate to prosecute itself! Units of the security wings are responsible for the harm being caused and employ the official channels to lay blame on targeted citizens! At some point the lid is lifted from the pot and steam rushes out and scalds!

  7. PF government is the government by criminals, liars, violent, hooligans, corrupt, evil and the wicked. President Edgar Lungu and her Vice President Inonge Wina are very wicked leaders lacking integrity and morality because they do not have the capacity to tame their unruly and barbaric cadres who they have been sponsoring to destabilize peace and cause chaos in Zambia. They have managed to turn all the institutions of governance and policing into useless partisan affiliates of PF security wings and kangaroo courts. The Judiciary, Zambia Police, Anti Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission are all rubber stamps of the PF government. Stealing, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, poor leadership and mismanagement of government public resources is what PF government knows better. All civil servants and government institutions are partisan and inclined to support PF dictatorial style of governance.

    The Rule of Law and the principle of the Separation of Powers under the PF government is non existence. The economy is bleeding and independent decision making on critical governance and fiscal issues is not fair and justice system has now been turned into injustice by Edgar Lungu and his associates. Aggressiveness, thuggish and criminal behaviour by PF cadres and its leadership is seen and perceived as new normal and norms when perpetuated by PF Political Party members. Crimes are crimes when they are committed by opposition political party members. Law enforcement and instituting justice is applied only when it comes to unfairly punishing people with divergent views.

    President Lungu and his entire PF government have no shame even calling upon all Zambian citizens by sending messages on phones encouraging people to participate in the National Day of Prayers is the highest mockery and hypocrisy to the integrity of creating peace, love and unity.
    Any sensible and morally uprightness leader can not be fooling people by praying for peace, love, unity and prosperity. Yet Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been in the forefront preaching hate speech, tribalism, disunity and even publicly emphasising that HH will never rule Zambia, his utterances do not promote love, peace and unity. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has a criminal record and he is spearheading corruption, misrule and mismanagement of public resources, he deliberately created the economic mess we are in today. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has been sending his PF cadres to attack defenceless and harmless innocent citizens in the name of maintaining peace and order. Edgar Chagwa Lungu must stop mocking God as his evil and wicked reign will oneday come to an end and his ending will be disastrous and chaotic. Mr. President you are not omnipotent your evil and wicked actions always have been speaking the loudest than your humble words. Mr. President the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.


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