Embarrassing moments engulfed the Christian community on Friday during Mid Week service at ECG when the PA to the ‘Old Apostle’ JB Makananisa made his way to ECG and confess amd expose before millions of people about the evil plans by the Thembisa Apostle against Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

The Personal Assistant identified as Titus was in the company of another man Martin, authenticated to be Apostle Makananisa’s adopted son before he fell out of favour when the old man of God took him to Police for suspecting him of stealing R150 in 2016.

During the confession, the two exposed the plans that the man of God has been planning involving girls who are paid to lie that they sleep with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

“I was there and saw the plans being cooked. I felt so bad being a prophet of God and decided to leave the evil water to come here and clear my conscience to the whole world.

“For Major 1 to be here today is just the power of God, but he was supposed to be arrested in his arrival from USA based on false evidence provided to police by Apostle Makananisa and Charis Church. They have found girls whom they pay to lie about sleeping with Major 1,” stated the PA.

He explained that Apostle Makananisa has been obsessed with Prophet Bushiri for a very long time and has made it his mission to bring down the Major 1.

“He just hates everything about Major 1. He follows him so much and is always planning bad things to say about him during service. Whenever someone from here goes there, even if that person was nowhere near Major 1, they are forced to come confess and speak all evils against ECG, which they refer to as ‘That Church’,” he explained.

On his part, Martin explained that he felt the pain to see how addicted the Old Apostle has become towards Major and took time to explain how he was punished.

“People dont know that man. He has no heart. I used to be more of his adopted son and we traveled everywhere together. Infact, I built his church and worked hard towards the growth. I remember the time we bought his first car, a black Land Rover, it was my wife and I that made effort but in the end, he took me to police saying I stole money from him which was less than R1000,” he said.

Apostle JB Makananisa

In his words, Major 1 assured his congregants that he is not shaken by the Apostle’s attacks and that he will remain faithful to the body of Christ.

His spiritual Father Prophet Angel who was present during the service said whatever the man of God is doing is affecting innocent souls and they will do what they can to protect the body of Christ.

The unanimously advised their followers not to attack any man of God and they took time to pray for all their enemies for God to make them see that as Christians, the real fight that is there is not against each other but against the enemy and evil altars of Satan.





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