I am going through a lot and I feel as though the world has ended. Despite being heavily mocked by people that I thought were my close friends and family members, Iam still alive because of the comfort I find in Jesus Christ my Lord. Dear Lord I thank You for strengthening me during this difficult time and may Your Holy Name be exhorted forever.

It is of no coincidence that calamity fell on us on the very day we were to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. To you Davy as I lovingly call you, please be lets assured that Iam your loving and caring wife and I will remain so until death do us part. David, trust me when you need a mother, a friend and mostly a loving wife. I will always be there for you in good or bad times. For better and for worse you are mine.

I wholeheartedly forgave you for what happened the very day I saw it, I know God Almighty has seen your tears and has forgiven you too. Lets now wipe our tears of shame my love and move forward. You are mine forever David for the 20 years I have been with you in marriage have been awesome. Stop crying my love, wipe your tears my God given husband, for God is with us. We have conquered many battles in 20 years and even this one, we shall conquer in Jesus Christ’s Name!

With Tears of Love and Care;
Yours Loving Wife ‘Vivian Chisenga Mabumba’.



  1. For sure God will see you through this rough patch.
    Trust him alone and not mankind.
    Prayer is the answer to all our problems

  2. Ba Mrs. Mabumba it must be really hard to cope and devastating but my advice to you is that if as a family you want to see an end to this issue and early recovery please keep your feelings and actions out of the public domain. You will need total peace to recover from this tragedy and the public does not provide such an environment. Time heals and I am very sure you and your family will soon find a new beginning.

  3. One thing about this man have noticed is that there is no that cadrism behavior in him, its the only thing that differentiates him from other pf members. Maybe his friends saw this strength in him too.

  4. For sure madam. Human is human who easily forget the good things one did and only focus on a mistake made. God is God He sees the heart. May God strenthed you in this trying moment.

  5. God Almighty will strengthen the Mabumba family. There is no situation our Lord Jesus Christ can fell to handle. I pray that the grace and mercies of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you brother David Mabumba and God Almighty restore peace and joy in his family. Thank you to you Mrs. Mabumba for supporting your husband in this trying moment. For His anger endureth but a moment, and in His favor is life; weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning (Psalm 30:50).

    • Dorica, you are heartless and wicked. The trend of getting excited over bad things and quick to broadcast the wrongs committed by other people is not good and should be condemned. We are all bound to sin and each time we fall out of the grace of God we are all required to repent and ask for forgiveness from our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Thats the way to go about it.May God keep your entire family intact.I pray that God watches over you, your husband and your children.Assure the big man that God loves Him yesterday today and blessed.

    • I like this man for he is a humble man and when i saw the story about him , i was deeply touched. Just be strong Mr , we are all bound to making mistakes others have done things deeper than u. Anyone is capable of doing what you did , people can talk but with time all will pass. Be strong for your family.

  7. Madam Mabumba, you have done your husband proud by being the supportive wife he married and has lived with throughout your marriage.

    Sin can befall anyone and you have clearly out the Lord God in charge of this issue. This is the correct approach.

    Now, get out of the public eye and rebuild your marriage with your loving husband.


  8. I’m sure Sunday is saying HH bribed Davy to womanise otherwise that’s part of leadership especially in ruling party there have been stealing candrelism ,hate speech not following our Zambian laws just because we are ruling indeed all sort of unwanted things .We forget that we disgrace ourselves as leaders.As a media director instead of giving the country unite news him is always dividing the country.Whenever he speaks he annoys people .Even honourable chiefs are becoming his toys to play with what a shame .Davy has been a good minister but behind the curtain he was a ponoster anyway it was time it pass

  9. A true forgiving and loving woman who has the load almighty in her heart. The solid rock piller holding up the family, wont shift or fall come hail or rain. Who in their life has not sinned before. Most of us our sins are known only by God and ourselves, we live a life of sins and lies.
    Madam God gave you your family and today you are all been tested to your very core.. Remain firm and rock steady.

  10. Why put pen to paper? Why not just talk to Davy preferably while he is fondling his Mabumba? Why put this out in public? We the public have a right to our thoughts, conscience and speech. So we make no apology on our opinion about your husband. None what so ever! We knew you would forgive him. Kaili chipuba chobe! The real victims are your children not you and not your husband.

  11. You can not call your husband by his first name. This so called english behaviour that we are enslaving ourselves with is doing us no good.

  12. A wife is the one who stands with you even in the dreadest of moments. The punches on Mabumba are unbearable, she’s come out to retaliate on his behalf despite public anger and condemnation. LET THE ONE WHO HASN’T SINNED CAST A STONE. The fact you were not on video or camera doesn’t make you better than him. But again this should serve as a reminder to all those practicing infidelity, lies have short legs. You can also be blackmailed

  13. Madam praise be with you and your family, it only comes from an innocent person to have a positive attitude towards EVIL like you have done. The embarrassment your husband went through has two sides, one could be the eventuality to come cause of that relationship and two could be the might loving caring good old Lord bringing the affair to a halt. I have been married for thirty years and i with other men of honest in they away from home behaviour should say thank you to you for the stance taken to unity your family. A fool is that woman even after enjoying the things they did in secrecy and family money that she recieved from him only to disgrace him like that, shame to her and good she never got what she was demanding for. To the rest of us this save as a eye opener that these side chiks and an faithful married women who agree to commit adulterous act are not what we think they are. FROM NOW ONWARDS THINK TWICE WHEN YOU WANT TO CHEAT ON YOU SPOUSE.

  14. Mrs Mabumba has done a Hillary Clinton. She’s a strong lady whom we should all commiserate with. I doubt it her Davy would have tolerated her had it been the other way round. This is where our society lets women down. The family has hit its lowest point and needs our support so that their children don’t lose their combined love and affection that only a married couple can provide.


  16. This is very touching indeed, it’s had to imagine wearing David’s shoes, but Mrs Mabumba you are such a strong woman, that’s the only way to go… People may mock you in all ways, but you have demonstrated a heart of a real woman… And you have revealed that you truly love your husband…. Please forgive and forget….

  17. Honorable David Mabumba Your sins have been revealed to the whole world and it is up to you to repent.Let me tell you God loves you for him to reveal your sins. Those whose sins are not revealed like the way it happened to you it is difficult to stand in public and confess.My advise is repent and follow only Jesus Christ will forgive you.

  18. She can’t leave him no matter what he does because that will mean the end of the good life she is enjoying. Unless he was a pauper then she would have left long time ago.


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