By THE PUNCH Reporter

AN investigations officer has revealed that slain UNZA student Vespers Shimuzhila was pronounced dead at UNZA Clinic after being examined by a clinical officer.

Arthur Shonga says the news of her death could not be announced to the students for fear of alarming them.

Shonga further says the deceased’s room was engulfed in fire and heavy smoke from teargas canisters which the police used to disperse irate students during the infamous protest.

A clinical officer, Michael Simukumbwa has told the Coroner’s Court that when he examined the deceased there was no sign of life.

Simukumbwa has told the court that when he opened the deceased’s mouth by pressing her jaws, her mouth was dark and when he pressed her chest some black substances came out from her mouth.

During the hearing Vespers’ mother broke down in tears including other family members who became emotional upon hearing the clinical officer’s testimony.


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