Marvin Chanda Mberi


By Marvin Chanda Mberi

There has been petty generalization and the belief that those aligned to the politically exposed businesspersons or those holding public office cannot legitimately earn anything without underhand means.

They are judged based on salaries they earn.

This perception has instead turned into persecution and victimization of the hardworking legitimate businessmen from creating jobs that will employ Zambians.

It should be appreciated that those holding public office had a life before politics and it is unfair to limit the investments beyond the emoluments they are given in their course of service in public office.

It should be appreciated that to most patriots, politics is not a career but a selfless service to the Zambian people.

Of course Zambians cannot know every detail about those holding public office on what they owned before because they were not in limelight.

While it is correct to say that those holding public office must be accountable, this should be done through a process that is fair.

It is therefore victimization to drag everyone holding public office to non-existent and unfounded allegations of illicit financial deals.

As a matter of fact, the proceeds that can be used to procure an aircraft are traceable and if there was anything wrong the law enforcement agencies would have long before detected and exposed it.

We are in a society where there are inter linkages in the flow of financial information.

It is suprising that such speculations can originate from discredited online platforms such as Koswe yet they can’t invoke their investigative journalism and bring documentary evidence of the illicit financial flows, if any.

In a civilized society, the businesspersons who have legitimately earned their wealthy are a reservoir of business intellect which is imbued in them.

The emerging entrepreneurs and all those mudslinging the people making an honest living should instead seek audience with them to appreciate how they rose from the life of straw to commanding influence in the business fraternity.

Moreover, we are moving toward an industrialized Zambia were the local businesses should be the spine of the economy.

With the enabling environment the Patriotic Front Government led by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu will soon start yielding results and more innovative Zambians beyond holding public office will soon thrive.

As regards Zambian foreign policy, Zambia is transitioning from political to economic diplomacy.

This will lead to the creative Zambians to seek more opportunities and expand our export base to foreign countries.

The victimization of businessmen such as Foreign Affairs Minister Honourable Joe Malanji is likely to intimidate businessmen who an aspiring to join politics.

This is likely to deprive the nation the service of selfless aspiring candidates from participating in mainstream politics.

We challenge why institutions such as Financial Intelligence Centre, Anti-Corruption Commission and others did not raise red flag way before the issue came in public if there was anything fish about the deal.

This clearly shows that the concerns by certain sections of the public maybe in bad faith.

This is a wild goose chase and sheer victimization of public servants who privately ran businesses way before they aspired to hold public office.


  1. If it’s true that he defrauded a rich widow to get rich, then his so called riches are proceeds of crime!
    Whichever way you look at riches, Zambians are jealousy and will do everything to bring you down! Make sure you leave a clean legal trail to your riches like HH so that each time they take you to court over wild accusations, you come out very clean!
    Otherwise Zambians are losers fit to be robbed a million times! August 12, 2021 will prove again that Zambians hate those who mean well for them and the Zambian voter’s affinity for bad leaders is amazing! Levy Mwanawasa was rejected by 73% of votes cast.
    What will be left for Zambians is Chinese Slavery!

  2. Just looking at the trouser you are wearing one would tell that kuwayawaya fye probably paid to issue this statement

  3. This ka idiot is just a boy who understands little or nothing about business. In the first place ask Malanji how much he declared as assets when he became minister ans let him tell us what business he has done from 2018 to date which has boomed to an extent of buying an helicopter.

    Some of the people talking about the corruption under the Pathetic Faeces know exactly what these morons were before coming into the corridors of power, so we kanyelele ka mailo, just shut your mouth if you have nothing sensible to say.

    No genuine businessman can be discouraged by legitimate investigations of corruption and theft.

  4. This article is not adding any value. Is he saying that businessmen who go into politics should not be investigated as to how they got their riches and should go Scott free?.


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