These guys have carried out an experiment testing two types of Blue Band products. A clarification from ZABS is needed on this issue.


  1. The one which is not melting is from the Choncholi, Chinese, that’s why you are now eating inama yakwa popi. No one is following this, they are busy sharing corrupt money. They have destroyed the country and the people for not paying attention to the well being of people. Why is Africa cursed with this type of leadership? Now even killing people slowly.

  2. This is something serious the Bureau of standards must not take lightly.They must immediately perform an analysis to determine the nutritional value of the said butter.
    The consumption of such products the way may lead to an increase in Cancer cases in the population.That product looks like a form of plastic compound.
    The Bureau of standards must issue a statement immediately to recall these products.

    • But why are you calling public complaints about this product as “noise”? And please you must say the ‘lady’ who first posted the video NOT the ” Woman”. It is impolite.


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