By Koswe in Bauleni, Lusaka.
PF thugs continue to insult opposition leaders.

First it was Chishimba Kambwili and now in this video, its HH they are insulting.

PF thugs are funded through corruption and stolen government money by President Edgar Lungu.


  1. If the presidents are there to fight each other, they should not use innocent young people for their selfish desires. It is not right for the republican president to be part of this evil formula for political mileage gains. If he is not part of this chaos, let him say something to stop this nonsense. Whether a rumor or not, why is the republican president mute when the fellow citizens that he is serving as national leader are being smeared with mud from perceived sponsored thugs?

  2. This is what happens if you allow lawlessness in the country. Every one of us zambians should condemn these acts, otherwise the beer has fermented


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