Zambia’s Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe of Shalom Ministries is the first person who has reached out to a Nigerian Prophet Seer 1 pleading for mercy.

Seeer 1 has given a 20 days ultimatum to PF ministers, Members of Parliament that got victory power’s from him to return it in person.

In a video circulating on Social Media, Seer 1 says he will kill all Ministers and Members of Parliament who are mistreating the Zambian people.

In 2016, Zambian Watch reported that Seer 1 had given big black rings for victory to Given Lubinda, Chishimba Kambwili, Harry Kalaba, Jean Kapata, Nkandu Luo and other clergy men such as Pastor Sunday Sinyangwe.

For those with a good eye sight, they will see that people mentioned above put on big black rings on their fingers and during Elections they put on both two hands.

Many Zambians criticized Zambian Watch that it was an outdated media because the rings on Ministers fingers was fashion and nothing else.

Today Seer 1 has demanded his ring power’s back.

He says he does not want phone calls or messages from Ministers but that they will have to travel to South Africa to meet Seer 1 by Sunday next week.

However Zambian Watch has just been briefed that Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe will be in South Africa on Thursday to meet with Seer 1. – Zambian Watch




  1. Why are you pleading for mercy? Did you get some powers as well. WHy are you involved? Ya kubaba bwanji mpilipili yamene siunadiye?

  2. When you look at Seer1’s, he looks like a person who has been greatly betrayed by PF and is out to get them, one other thing that is clear is that some of these people masquerading as men of God are actually working with the devil (You shall Know them by their fruits), and these are the people PF is working with while blasphemously declaring Zambia as a Christian nation, the other thing that I decern from all this is that, the declaration of Zambia being a Christian nation is the one that has actually attracted all these quacks to converge on Zambia in numbers so as to enjoy deceivingly the fruits of that declaration, Zambia has to be very careful with the kind of people that come in the name of Jesus when in actual fact they are the Devils advocates.


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