By Barotseland Watchdog

Black Americans Home Coming family got amazing thunderous welcome to their Homeland , Barotseland.

Yesterday , American Home Coming started off late from Lusaka because of the Minister of Tourism who made delaying tactics to prevent them arrive early in Mungu due to jealous that if they arrive during the day , people of Barotseland will turn up in good numbers to welcome them.

All Barotseland territorial roads leading to Mongu from Lusaka like Mumbwa, Nkeyema, Kaoma, TBZ, Nalwei, and Mandanga were all filled with by people who waited from 10;00hrs till midnight.

When they arrived in Mongu at 23:00hrs thousands of people went spiritual mad shouting, jumping, crying and some pastors were seeing withdrawing from the crowd praying in hot and spiritual filled tongues “Pa,pa,pa,pa,pa shoko,shoko…..tu,tu,tu,tu…”

Due to large crowd and uncontrollable Joy from the people of Barotseland , Black Americans never said anything and left 3minutes after their arrival where they are lodging.

The President of the African – American Home Coming project Shepherd described 400years home coming event to Barotseland as God’s will and appointed time.

While shedding tears of Joy , Shepherd said the love and kindness of the people of Barotseland is very difficult to explain to someone.

He added that his wounded heart and those of the people is leading back to Barotseland is complete and healed.

And some people who commented on their coming said it is time for Barotseland to organise themselves and reject .Zambian Politics in Barotseland.

Yesterday’s atmosphere made some UPND supporters to confess that the time they spent on supporting Zambia politics is useless instead , supporting the struggle of Barotseland is inevitable.

Despite having thousands of people who gathered at Social Werfare, Zambia Police shunned to offer security at the event.

Meanwhile , the reunion of the Black Americans through God traced their origin to Barotseland didn’t sit well with Zambians at large. GRZ is panicking The Intelligence Officers from Zambia who just came to spy beefed up the gathering.

The excitement of the people of Barotseland was visible enough to prove that they are tired of the sufferings and continued torture from Zambian Government.



  1. But zambia is one I don’t think those African Americans have come to divide zambians , someone some where is using this event for his own benefit I wonder if anything will change just because of a visit by innocent people to connect with Africa and not only one tribe Zambia has seventy two tribes who are united as a nation


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