– Caristo Chintafya Jnr was among the people that i helped in Zambia to be where he was! He did not follow instructions.

– I have killed many important people in Zambia, Nigeria and around the world. I will kill these too for Zambia to believe me.

– I gave PF ministers a ‘Do as i say Ring’ when they wear two of them on the podium while campaigning, you will just follow what they tell you.

– I want my things returned so that Zambia can have a free and Fair Election in 2021.

– If i don’t get the ‘Do as i Say’ power from these PF members, they will win and continue oppressing people.

– My sons and Daughters are suffering, they can’t afford to come and see me, that’s why I’m saying PF must go in 2021.

– Kings Malembe knows best, but im not going to discuss about individuals, i know the people I’m targeting! Those Politicians in PF who got my things. I don’t care about Musicians.




  1. Editor, I think you are extremely insensitive to the Chitanfya family by even publishing the late Caristo Jnr’s name. You are starting to behave totally uncouth ill mannered, unprofessional,with no empathy. The Family of the late has feelings like any other and it is not right to publish such. You starting to make some think tayali is the editor in chief of the news paper?????

    • And maybe the family should actually be encouraged to sue your publication for insinuating that Jnr was into the devil worshiping or witchcraft which is the topic here?


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