1. I see Chellah getting onto a slippery slope with this spiritual spin. It’s just not him but all these young people purporting to speak for the masses of voiceless Zambians. This God spoke to me; I had a conversation with God; and so on and so forth is just diluting the potency of your message. Soon you will be like Dan Pule and Nevers Mumba, holding an empty sack. You gatta realize you are not the first ones to take such a stance. People who claim to talk to God are perceived to be dillusional on the grand scale.

    Check out the doctrine of Joshua Maponga if you want to know the truth. You will have subscribers on social media but you will be just another soothsayer. That’s the task for televangelists. We all know who they truly are: ra ra ra people. You have to be intellectually depleted to think they mean well for you. If you want to be revolutionary, study Malema.


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