THE Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has written to International Drug Company (IDC) to recall aspirin it supplied.
IDC is a Zambian registered company which supplied the aspirin, which is said to be defective.

The drug was manufactured by Wintech Pharmaceuticals of India.
In a letter dated December 7, 2020, to International Drug Company, ZAMRA’s Director General Bernice Mwale said the Authority has received a Medical Product Quality Problem Report relating to aspirin tablets supplied by the company

She said product was found to be non-compliant with respect to appearance and organoleptic tests conducted.

Mrs Mwale said the product was also found to have crystals on the tablet coating, a foul smell and the tablets were breaking easily.

She has since gave the supplier 14 days to recall the defective product and report back to the authority.

Mrs Mwale has further requested the company to submit a detailed report of the recall process which should include the quantity of the affected product imported and the quantity collected from the various health facilities and pharmaceutical outlets.

“Therefore, you are directed to initiate an urgent recall of the affected batch from circulation within 14 days from the day of receipt of this letter. Use of Press Media with wide coverage is highly recommended,” reads the letter.
(Video Courtesy of Elias Limwanya)



  1. No wonder Zambians are defective! They have been living on defective things. Not surprising how defective Zambians produce defective leaders who can’t manage a small defective Economy and country!

  2. When manufacturers of drugs know that a receiving country has no system of quality checking and controls due to corruption, they will send defective drugs to that country. As Zambia imports most of the medicine, the systems of quality checking and controlling what is received and distributed needs to be effective and all loopholes for corruption should be removed. We need to design an airtight system for quality checks and controls which avoids loopholes for corruption in the health supply chains in Zambia.


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