1. These Zambian politicians are pathetic to say the least, is it really a competition or an achievement to meet the president of the US?

  2. What, can Lungu speak mwebantu, apart from Jameson. The last president to step in White House was 1992. Period. Tekwatwala bakatoloshi ku White House, nga bena changwa!

  3. Ba Lubinda move on Lungu is history and a bad history for that matter. We might as well start saying RB was at whitehouse as well and he met the President.

  4. Wenye wako, Lubinda. Chagwa never went to the WH. In 2015, he and his wife just posed for a photograph with Barrack and Michelle at the UN Building.

    Please seek facts, for a change.

  5. LIES!!! He managed to get a picture with the Obamas at a UN Meeting. The US Embassy literally said the last white house invitation to a Zambian president was in 1992. This guy is a ****

  6. Ba Lubinda ,please get it into your head that PF is a completely resolved case for Zambia. Their rule of Zambia was criminal and evil. They will never be elected back to power. Even when UPND and HH get tired ,Zambians will chose another party and not the nightmare of PF. Ba Lubinda you seem to be a smart guy ,but your defense of criminal PF is making you look very deficient and lost. Please find another party to spend your time and reputation on. Please I advise you to forget about PF. Your PF terribly squandered and abused your opportunity 2011-2021. Zambians will never forgive PF.HH has already proved to be a better leader who cares for the people of Zambia than the divisive, wasteful and corrupt Edgar Lungu. You are picking small unimportant issues here and there to prematurely attack HH but Zambians currently have great faith in this man. The corrupt PF traditional chiefs of Zambia can just go to hell with their disgraced Edgar Lungu.

  7. Forgive the man, he thinks US and UN are one and the same. You know it takes time to recover from a shocking loss when one had so much confidence that they would win that they would even bet their own life but when the opposite happens, it’s not easy to accept such a thing. I would recommend psychiatric counseling to speed up the healing process, otherwise, they will be experiencing mental breakdowns to levels of elevated hallucinations.

  8. That is good to know Ba Lubinda. But honesty so what? How did that meeting benefit us as Zambians. This is the most important thing.

    Have you people run out of ideas? It appears you have nothing to say except it involves the President. Please get over your loss quick you need to be relevant in parliament otherswise you will keep asking stupid questions like we get to hear.

    The Vice President I must say is taking you guys to school with how to be relevant. Priceless!!

    Seriously, we expect more from you now. Democracy is at stake here. Dust yourselves and get a hold of this thing and be relevant. Stop being cry babies. Grow up. Quick. Please!!!.


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