By Chileshe Mwango

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change -MDC- led by former Finance Minister Felix Mutati has today been launched with a promise to restore the country’s fallen credibility both locally and internationally.

Notable among those that are party of the of new opposition party include former ZCTU President Leonard Hikaumba, former Banker and Permanent Secretary Shelly Thole, former Infrastructure and Housing Development Minister, Lucky Mulusa and seasoned Economist Trevor Simumba among others.

Speaking when he officially unveiled the party, Mr. Mutati said the mdc is providing an alternative to those who did not want to vote because they did not have a choice due to frustrations they are experiencing at the hand of current regime.

Mr. mutate said his party’s role is to restore hope and motivate Zambians following the challenges they are currently experiencing.

The former Finance Minister has also pledged to ensure the country’s cooperatives operate in a manner they operated in the past where they ensured agriculture prospered because it received maximum support.



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