1. This is our Leader, who doesn’t know who is supposed to pay KCM workers…I guess this is a campaign joke to confuse the voters.

  2. Bushe ubu, bukopo nangu ku pena?
    Who owns KCM mwebena Zambia?
    Bs pf muli desperate kwena.
    You hold a virtual rally, instead of telling Zambians how you plan to take this nation out of debt, your focus is HH.
    Vedanta, an Indian-owned mining company owns the mine. pf govt grabbed the company from Vedanta. Provisional Liquidator Milingo Lungu is currently running KCM on behalf of pf.
    Lungu is the one who is supposed to explain why miners are not getting their full pay.

  3. Davies Mwila is going crazy and soon he will run mad. It is foolishness and hypocrisy of the highest order for Davies Mwila to claim that HH should pay KCM workers, is HH the Government of Zambia? Lying without shame and integrity is sin and shows how someone is desperate.

  4. Ba mwila ba tata awe this is too much. Please ba pf supporters can you advise ba mwila not to be embarrassing himself like that.

  5. LOL hahahaha HH should pay the miners? Better be Mwila to have kept quiet. Kikikiki that s why education is important. Mulesabaila kati niulya uwunwine kachasu.


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