1. This is sheer stupity in PF cadres and officials. This is what it feels when the going gets hard and you have no more lies left in your arsenal. You became utterly nonsensical in your thinking. Ba PF, you have completely lost it. Your time is up.

  2. HH, sue the twit and how does he reconcile his accusation with what the husband to the adulterous lady has revealed after your falsity. Please felllow Zambians stop being used by these disgruntled thieves/ tinpot dictators and let go of the innocent HH.

  3. PF’s in a self-destructive mode. So this is the kind of money they play with while they themselves hv needy relatives who could put that money to good life-saving use. Who doesn’t know wht’s happening in Luapula province? High poverty levels, underperformance by pupils at school leaving exams. These issues needed David Mabumba’s undivided attention. He might as well resign as MP so that he disappears from public life altogether.

  4. Highest degree of stupidity in PFools camp. Seer 1 said it. Too many ignorant cadres just ranting like mad dogs. The fact is that PF is a failed project. All they know best is stealing and playing with their private parts like small kids. Simply your time of playing around and stealing PFools is over.

  5. Seriously…..UPND legal team should sue this man if there to install sanity in Zambian just don’t wake up and start saying stuff like that.i dare you to sue this guy.this is unacceptable.why are these people shifting all the blame on HH? Surely how dull can someone be.what kind of tech was he talking about.maybe his bosses and the Chinese counterparts are the ones with the kind of tech.boi you a grown up stop embarrassing yourself boi.icimutwe

  6. Sue the chap!
    If he is speaking on behalf of the pf then we are in trouble. No wonder the country is in trouble. I regret having voted for the pf.

  7. This is the most empty person l have ever seen in the world. Are people so low to his level of thinking. To be a spokes man is not to be empty like this.
    Aba kuti banya amafi bakana ati its not his even before he gets up and buttons his kaputula.
    What kind of a person is this one. Aponene kwisa uyu kwandangala?

  8. Look who is speaking even! Am embarrassed! How can Mr Hichilema even listen to this? How could he even think of sueing such human being?

  9. This carder is a carbon copy of the Pf leadership. They never fail to disgust you with the filth that comes from their mouths. This is a dull pf fellow who does not know that gassing was a product of the pf. He was asleep when pf ministers were calling each other master minders of gassing, when the rest of the country were listening except him. Shame on PF to have such dullness persisting in their party. If you have such people at the helm what sort of damage can be done. No wonder this country is on its knees.
    Do not malign H.H as if he is as dirty as the leaders you know in PF. He is a perfect gentleman who is fighting for every body including PF members. every body is yearning for good leadership in Zambia in order to improve the well being of every Zambian whether PF or not.

  10. Please dont denigrate 3D printing…its the future of local manufacturing and a way for africas poor if we can print the price down and inputs. If zambia had invested all its money in 3 d printing businesses 5 years ago ….our GDP would be alot different.

    Pictures are not 3 d printing…3d is manufacturing not video copying..

    I am an investor in manufacturing….during COVID is has helped so much ask the World Health Organisation….may u be free from COVID and to those to fool people..get educated. #3D printing will change manufacturing

  11. The filth coming from this idiot is similar to the filth the Mwebantu News produces. This blind parroting has potential to inflame chaos in the country. Anyway, UPND has more serious challenges to address than suing such dull characters!!! However hate based news from Mwebantu should be seriously challenged by UPND as the IBA will never challenge or close Mwebantu news.


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