Hon. Siliya tests positive for COVID-19.
She is asymptomatic and has isolated herself but her doctors are checking up on her.








  1. How did she know that she has covid when she is asymptomatic meaning she doesn’t have any symptoms of the disease. It means the test kits are only being used to test leaders regularly while leaving out the other people who also might want to be tested regularly.

  2. who cares about siliti. why dont you show people who are admitted in hospitals, so that we know, than showing only her. what about ordinary people. just open Prime TV., God will punish you, and this is just the beginning . Open our beloved Prime TV evil DORA

  3. Sad news, Dora Siliya. It appears you were taking all precautions, washing hands regularly, masking but you are still at risk if you socialize with an infected person who is not wearing a mask because the eyes can also be an entry point for COVID 19. Wish you a quick recovery and whilst in isolation reflect deeply on your behaviour towards prime TV and indeed the behaviour of your party cadres towards media freedom in the country. Stay blessed as well.


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