A Zambian parliamentary delegation is in Kenya to learn how to effectively fight corruption, reports local media.

The committee on Privileges, Absences and Support Services visited EACC commissioners at Integrity Centre in Nairobi to learn how the agency has been spearheading the war on graft.

The delegation of eight MPs arrived over the weekend and held it’s first meeting with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission on Monday.

“This is a study tour by our colleagues from the Zambian National Assembly. We are sharing experiences on fighting corruption and promoting ethics,” EACC commissioner Mwaniki Gachoka said.

“We are fighting corruption through many strategies. One of the law enforcement – investigating cases and recommending them to the DPP.”

Garry Nkombo, who is leading the foreign delegation, said they were studying best practices in managing corruption in governance.

Nkombo said they will also share their experiences and the problems they have encountered in the fight against the vice and processes in whistle-blowing and prosecution of suspects.

“We recognise the fact that corruption does exist and want to learn how Kenya has been dealing with it. It is generally agreed that corruption cannot be fought with kids’ gloves,” Nkombo said

“We are here to learn how the EACC is managing it, bearing in mind that those who engage in corruption remain very powerful and with the mandate to look after the aspirations of the people they govern.”

Kenyan officials and anti-corruption agencies have been on the spot over corruption scandals in organisations including the National Youth Service (Sj9 billion), the National Cereals and Produce Board (Sh1.9 billion), Kenya Pipeline Company (Sh95 billion), and the National Irrigation Board.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned that nobody who is found guilty will go unpunished while the Judiciary has asked agencies and investigators to provide evidence sufficient for convictions.


  1. The problem is that we love studying all the time which is good in itself. But it is foolish if the studies cannot be noted in our daily lives or we simply just ignore it. Worse, when it comes to implementing, the Kwacha takes precedence and blinds us all. This can be seen all over the shores of Zambia. Hence the animal keeps on and on trotting. It takes bond decision to fight the animal and to avoid institutions of government marrying each other and of course the offspring will be the animal.
    We have seen marriage between State House and the Judiciary. We have seen marriage between Electoral Commission of Zambia through the God-Father, Mr. Hill. We have seen Mr. Say Something of Parliament behaving like is a bapogoshi by not taking power during the partition.
    The marriage between the State House and the Constitution Court consecrated by Bishop Low-Land.
    This is why we cannot fight the animal.
    And yet people call themselves Christians.
    Christ Jesus asked whose image was it on that coin.
    They all answered; Cesare’s
    Christ said give Cesare what belongs to Cesare and God what belongs to God.
    But we all know that everything belongs to God.
    Do we really understand what Christ is saying?
    Or it is the bread (food to fill the tammy) like those multitude of people following Christ, and at Calvary they mock Jesus. But Jesus says, “Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they are doing.”
    Or you are Judas Iscariot who think that Christ is a politician because of his eloquence who have noticed and go to the Church elders to revile Christ blindly!

    It is very important to understand what one is supporting.

    We have one Zambia and God can raise other people to take over.
    Let us clean our system.


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