1. HH forgave this ka evil man Tayali but this is the same PF cadre now celebrating CK’s misfortune. I don’t know how this rascal sleeps with all of his baggage. He has no shame but one day this chap will meet his Waterloo. Lungu will not be there all the time to feed him and vlithe him. Tayali is a parasite surviving on the crumbs from Lungu’s table, he has nothing to show.

  2. By the way is anyone asking this dog to regret anything? How do you expect a dog that has been rewarded with left overs of corruption and theft to regret his reward for barking at passers by and folding its tail when real thieves come into the compound? Even if the allegations against CK involving his family business were true, how many people died in hospitals for lack of medicine as a result of CK’s action? How many markets were burnt? How many people died of gassing as a result of CK’s forgery? So you know the ones who should in jail are freely roaming the street and you are idiotically vomiting no regret? Stupid idiot.


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