Lundazi senior citizen asks Lungu tough and embarrassing questions, Presidential Affairs Minister bans him from speaking.

An unnamed senior, this morning quizzed President Edgar Lungu over lack of development in Eastern Province compared to the Northern regions. He lamented that the PF had neglected the region and only came when it was time to ask for votes, as the crowds wildly clapped and cheered in agreement.

It was at this point that Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe walked over to the microphone area, and instructed that the senior stops asking Lungu, as people murmured in disapproval. Lungu refused to intervene as the old man was whisked away by PF cadres. This is according to the reports received by those who witnessed the incident in Lundazi today.



  1. We hope and pray that the Wise Senior Citizen is safe after exercising his freedom of speech and expression.
    If all Zambians could demand accountability from their leaders the way this man has done, we would be a happy and prosperous nation. The tragedy today is Zambians are so afraid to talk. Unfortunately, we consent to all PF evils by our silence. If we don’t speak out, nothing changes!
    Sikazwe and ECL have just proved that they don’t embrace or tolerate divergent views! Freedom of expression is not an ideal they embrace.
    It’s now clear why someone wants to be addressed as President General … Kikikiki. That speaks volumes about the unstable personality of someone.
    When a person feels worthless, they get entangled in primitive consumption and accumulation. They only get fulfilment by increasing their possessions and number of vain glory titles! Woe unto you O land when such is the caliber of your leaders!
    Doesn’t that explain why Zambia is stripped naked? They have shared all prime forests. They have shared wild animals. Just visit your leaders. They all have Zebras, Bangweulu Lechwes and Impala. They have shared Mukula and exported under the cover of darkness. They have shared loan moneys. They have shared our Gold with foreign mercenaries.
    The only thing left for Zambians to share are high taxes to pay for the atrocities of their misleaders!
    Zambians, emulate this Galant senior citizen! If you don’t do anything, there will be nothing left!


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