Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa doing papu to help Lusaka residents to move through the floods earlier today












  1. I would not have believed this had I not seen it myself! Is this what Zambia has been reduced to…mediocrity? One would have thought with MS as Mayor he would have had the sense to prepare for the rains. Just goes to prove that having a degree or degrees does not mean one is educated. PF ministers vikopo, cadres vikopo leader chikopo.

  2. ”If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting.”
    We continue voting for clowns to lead us ,they will offer us a circus and not permanent solutions.
    Year in and year out ,the story is the same. 55 yrs after independence, Is this the solution to the perpetual poor drainage of Lusaka and surrounding areas ?

  3. Sometimes we could be taking things as things to laugh about when in actual fact maybe someone needs help, When you look at the activities of the Lusaka Mayor, let us first isolate the fact that he is a mayor, then let us look at him in the light of fighting the chicken at the roundabout, seeming or drinking shaki shaki at the office, keeping cows in a residential area and claiming to have ambitions of supplying Parmalat with milk, planting trees on a narrow embarkment in a busy road, claiming to have been sleeping on the floor all these years when buying a mattress, doing PAPU in town due to the flood, renaming a road Florida street when it is already Florida street and many more, think of these activities in isolation of the mayoral office, can you not see a perhaps strange pattern which may or may not need our collective intervention??, ANY WAY JUST THINKING ALOUD.


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