UPND Ilambo Ward winning candidate, Kelvin Mwansa says that his victory in the Ward marks the beginning of the end of the PF in the northern region of the country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview in Lusaka this morning, Mr Mwansa, who revealed that he had been receiving endless phone calls with offers from PF officials for him to defect from UPND, argued that no material offer would make him ditch the UPND.

Mr Mwansa says no amount of money from the PF would buy him, adding that he was ready to “die” poor if that’s what serving the people of Ilambo Ward entailed .

“I want to assure my President and all the people of Ilambo Ward in Lupososhi who supported me that I shall not be shaken.

“I also wish to assure the people who supported me that I shall not be bought and that I shall not accept any offer. I will not accept anything that will benefit me alone without benefiting the people of Ilambo Ward. I also want to assure my people and His Excellency, Mr Hakainde Hichilema that I shall be humble and loyal to the party and the people of Ilambo Ward. Whatever the party wants me to do, I will do,” said Mwansa.

He has since appealed to the people of Luwingu and Lupososhi to take courage, stating that beating a Government with State machinery on its side was no easy feat.

“I want to encourage the people of Lupososhi not to worry because I am not like a market product that can be bought. If it means dying in my poverty, let it be! What I want is to work for the people because beating the Government with State machinery is not easy. That’s the reason why I can’t disappoint you. Therefore, the people of Ilambo should not be worried and spend time worrying that I will dump them,” assured Mwansa.



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