1. Mwiliteta you have spoken very well the atrocities that PF cadres committed are there in the public domain and dockets were opened. Why is the police not moving in to arrested the PF criminals? There is no need to investigate records are there so please the police should not have excuses.

  2. I support mwaliteta. We are losing confidence in a party we have fought for so hard. Remove all pf cadres from key positions. The judiciary should not be spared.mukula is still leaving the country.pf is still behaving like they are in power still. UPND WAKE UP

  3. There is actually no advantage whatsoever of keeping pipo in positions who were appointed to support the agenda of the past regime you have so much demonised. And from the look of things UPND is one party you cannot advise. Be informed that it’s possible for any past ruling party to come back to power, that’s when you will see the real face of PF.

  4. UPND youths should hold peaceful solidarity March to petition police over their complacency to hold those who committed various heinous crimes to account. The message should be clear that we will not let PF criminality to slide

  5. UPND needs to take these concerns seriously before people lose patience. It does not make sense to continue as if everything was okay during the previous regime.

  6. I am UPND and believe me just like Mwaliteta I am losing patience on this one. You don’t need funding from IMF or WB to effect an arrest. We ordinary see these Criminals living large out of proceeds of crime. You not need an extraordinary sotting of parliament to arrest these Thugs. We are from tbe grassroots and what we are giving you is representative and reflection of Zambians on the, ignore this the consequences will be fatal

  7. Hon.Mwaliteta is spot on. The Minister of Home Affairs and police IG should rid the police service of pf cadres still masquarading as police men and women.
    1. Dissolve the entire police reserve wing. This is
    where pf cadres are. In Northwestern Province,
    the provincial commisioner for the police
    reserve is a well known pf cadre whose loyalty
    is to pf.
    2. Carry out a head count of the regular police
    service, focusing on how recruitment was
    done from 2011 to 2020. You will find that most
    of those recruited were pf cadres. Remove them
    and send them into the army.
    3. The Minister of Local Government should also
    shake up the council police in a similar manner.
    4. All ministers should completely overhaul their
    ministries and rid them of pf cadres.

  8. Spot on Sir!!!

    While you are at it. Please put out the fire that is blazing in your party. It appears you have some sell outs among you. They keep preferring the criminal PF elements to your well known and faithful party followers.

    What’s going on in your house. Let the Zero tolerance to corruption starte with you. If this problem is not fixed soon we will shock you with some rejection issues it will make your head spin.

    Timely Warning. Seriously!!


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