By Zambian Watch

A Renowned Nigerian Prophet Joshua Ingla has Advised President Edgar Lungu to deliver whatever he claims to want to deliver to the Zambian people before he is kicked out of office in 2021.

Speaking during a live sunday service on the 19th,May,2019, Prophet Ingla charged that there was no any other future for Edgar Lungu in 2021.

The Prophet says he has prayed and interacted with President Lungu but if people who are pushing him for the third term insists, they will be the one pointing fingers at him to be crucified.

He says he has troubles to sleep when his Friend like Edgar Lungu is being pushed to do bad things to the Zambian people.

Prophet Joshua Ingla has since appealed to President Edgar Lungu to leave office after his term before he is punished aft4er losing power in 2021.

“President Edgar Lungu of Zambia is a good man, humble and God fearing but there is no future for you after 2021. Deliver whatever you have to deliver now and leave. Those people telling you and glorryfying you to run for the third term will be the first ones to demonise you and crucify you. This is your oppotunity. Just leave because there is no place for you anymore in state house after this term” he said.



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