Justice Minister Given Lubinda has vowed that no grouping of individuals will curtail the Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 both in and outside Parliament.

Mr Lubinda says the debate in Parliament will continue once sittings resume adding that only the house has the power to stop the process.

He says the adjournment of Parliament should not be misconstrued to curtailing the debate on Bill 10 whose intentions are well meant for the Zambians.

Addressing journalists at a briefing today,Mr Lubinda has since advised his fellow Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament to take advantage of this period when Parliament in recess to continue sensitising the electorate on the importance of Bill 10.

And Mr Lubinda has also condemned the attack on the disabled by the UPND when they went to present a petition at party Presidents residence on the need for UPND MPs to support the Bill.


  1. Lucifer does not come once!
    He can be very determined until he gets what he wants! But wow into those who betray innocent lives for 30 pieces of Silver!

  2. PF is determined to overthrow Zambians so that the balance of power tilts in PF’s favor! What is shocking is how the Zambians can be squabbling about Bill 10 when their currency is in free fall. How can the currency fall by K3 in two weeks and neither government official nor citizen is talking about it? Is this not Ostrich mindset?

  3. The zambian nationals have rejected and curtailed bill 10: If pf insists then we suspect there could be a hidden agenda behind bill 10. Just withdraw it calmly and peacefully. Zambians shouldnot see anymore blood arising from political violence. Twakana!

  4. If indeed you are doing this for the benefit of the majority Zambians, why are you so determined to do it even when the majority are against it? Your criminality will definitely be accounted for one of these days, Bakabolala imwe.

  5. Bo Lubinda shaa…even when the majority of the people are saying ” no to bill 10″ you are busy pushing for it and pushing it very hard. Are you also one of those who are very scared of changing government lest you start appearing in court for some reasons? Time will tell sir.

  6. BA Lubinda why are you insisting on bill ten? come to us people and ask us if we are interested in that. It seems there is something hidden in bill ten that is why you want it by all means. you have your own interest and not the people of Zambia. You claim to have consulted the people which people because us in Livingstone we have never seen or heard about your presence in our town. Don`t be greed. Think twice and think about the poor Zambians not only about yourselves.


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