Only one Minister is not Tonga in Presidents HH’s cabinet, the rest are all Tongas”
– Raphael Nakachinda on a Tribal campaign earlier today


  1. Nakachinda and Kambwili hate campaign againist Tongas continue and there is nobody on the ground to counter it. Toothless UPND ALLIANCE, They have no what is called a Political Attack Dog. They dont realise that repeated lies told by the PF will count as the truth to innocent villagers.

  2. People of God! Is there no law against such kind of hate? Is this how we are going to continue living? These innocent people of the East are being fed with lies and they go to their respective homes filled with lies and anger against the people of Southern province. Is there nothing that can be done to stop this? Or, has this become a norm? Can someone enlighten me please, I fear for what might become of us as a nation if continue on this trajectory.

  3. The Police are still afraid of PF! Why not act on hate speech. Zambian Police what do you need ? Your non action will hatch carders to start disciplining the political officials preaching tribalism , this might result in beatings. The sooner the police act the better because thier slow in acting will result in other taking the law in their own hands

  4. Carefully, steadily and in quick progression on their way to becoming irrelevant.

    Wait for it. The will make it happen. They are dedicated to self destruct. Same approach as the Bill 10 issue.

  5. These are finished politicians that relied on decieving uneducated people, that’s why they only say such things in these village areas because this is the only place they might find people that can fall for such nonsense

  6. Please never should we again push under the carpet such talks. While people are ahead of PF in terms of thinking they are some innocent souls that can believe anything. ZP do something to end this.

  7. Can someone in the government, please stop this kind of non sense. These people with impunity ,are now abusing freedom of speech and expression. This is hate speech. Nap this guy to send clear message to others. This is very foolish indeed.

  8. It’s fine because those were the people in opposition…Tongas are Zambians.

    Mutati and others have now become Tongas.

    This man is bitter to the cord.

    Friends don’t mind Nakacinda, Kambwili, Lusambo, Given and others. It’s a band of frustrated, disgruntled and humiliated cadres who have nothing to offer.


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