A pastor has been caught with the wife of his church elder in a hotel room just as he was about committing the abominable act of adultery.

The unidentified pastor was caught pants down by a group of men who went to the hotel cameras ready upon an apparent tip off.

The distraught Elder only identified as Agya Otu was present at the scene as the disgraced pastor begged him to grant him audience so he could explain.

Present at the scene also was the wife of the pastor who revealed this wasn’t the first time her husband, the pastor was seeing the wife of Agya Otu and that she had warned the husband to delete her number but as it turned out, he didn’t.

The pastor who was remorseful was full of apologies to Agya Otu. He explained that though he was a pastor, he was also flesh and blood and was susceptible to the needs of the flesh which led him to covet the wife of his church Elder.

Watch how it all unfolded below




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