21st May 2019

The church is the voice of God and not the voice of Government

LUSAKA – WE find President Lungu’s attack on the church very sad, unbecoming and unacceptable.

We wish to advise Mr Lungu that a Head of State’s work often times involves making choices that have moral undertones to them.

It is sad, in a Christian Nation with a Religious and National Guidance Ministry, in a nation with a National Day of Prayer and Fasting, a nation where a House of Prayer devoted to God is being built, that when a national crises arises the Patriotic Front government refuses to allow the Three Church Mother Bodies to spearhead the National Dialogue Process.

We strongly feel Mr Lungu must first counsel his own ministers some of whom have posted pornographic pictures on social media before he goes for the church.

• Mr Lungu has kept quiet when his most senior cabinet minister attended the National Dialogue Forum in a drunken state as reported by a cross section of the media.

• Mr Lungu has kept quiet while civil servants have been retired from the civil service in national interest on suspicion that they support the opposition.

• Mr Lungu kept quiet when his cadres attacked worshippers in church in Matero.

• He remained silent when his Copperbelt Police Commissioner demanded a permit for President Hakainde Hichilema to attend a church service.

We advise Mr Lungu not to attack the church when they refuse to succumb to his bullying to attend the National Dialogue Forum.

We also want to encourage the church that they must never compromise their faith and values, especially if the government forces or pressures them to make decisions that would cause them to stumble into sin (Acts 5:29).
A Christian makes righteous decisions in the political realm because it is God’s will that all government institutions act in accordance with God’s righteous standard.

A government cannot do this properly if their definition of what is right and wrong is skewed, which is what we are experiencing in Zambia. This is why Christians who are engaged in politics should use their God-given position or legal privilege to help enact civil laws that reflect God’s standard of justice for the government.

These laws should be designed to punish criminals for acts such as theft, murder, false testimony, and to defend the poor, the weak, and the marginalized against all unjust treatment.

Issued by
Pastor Chileshe Kangwa
*UPND Deputy Chairperson for Religious Affairs*



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