A Ndola Pastor Yakobo Yakobo who was caught having s**x with a woman in his car outside Ndola General Hospital Mortary says he was meeting his personal Secretary to find out how her patients were doing in hospital.

Pastor Yakobo Yakobo who is the founder of a church called Restoration Pentecostal Church says he was suprised when a gentleman started accusing him of having sq** in the car.

He has explained that he waited for his personal secretary who he has indentified as Vivian Kayeyi.

Pastor Yakobo says his Personal Secretary was in hospital on the bed side of her own father and wanted some help of money.

He says when the personal secretary came to the car near the motuary, she sat behind the car and before she could say one or two words, a mob came from nowhere and started accusing them of having s**x

The pastor says the other gentleman grabbed him by the belt and he immedietely grapped his neck and after realising that he was in trouble he jumped to the back seat were the secretary was seated.

But when the whole interview was examined by Zambian Watch team, the body language, inconsistencies suggest otherwise.

Watch the interview!





  1. Comment:kkkk …..presidency is not for sale to Anglo America people know who sold the mines,who is tribal,where is GBM, we hear even nalumango has quit, imwee even his relatives are running away I feel pity for HH.


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