If the PF give KCM to Chinese or give the gold mines to foreigners, then they will lose the coming elections.






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  1. Malembe you’re right the President indeed should listen to the voices of the people. It is only in Africa and particular in Zambia where for many decades we entrusted our natural resources with its wealth in the hands of the foreigners. How do we expect foreign entities to prudently manage our economy to benefit Zambians? The poverty and economic hardships we’ve been experiencing in Zambia are as results of self inflictions because of ignorance and lack of knowledge by our political leaders. PF government has no vision to propel and revamp the economy of Zambia.

    To be honest President Edgar Lungu has failed to run the affairs of government. Instead, he has destroyed our country by promoting lawlessness, corruption, poverty and hypocrisy. The President is greedy and power has corrupted his moral uprightness to the extent that he s confused and doesn’t seem to know how to handle national affairs of our country. The man is being surrounded by unwise advisors and very corrupt individuals whose aim is to plunder the economy. Even, pastors who call themselves as Christians for President Lungu I really doubt if they are genuine. I consider them to be simply praise singers seeking attention and favours from PF. President Edgar Lungu has succeeded in fuelling tribalism and nepotism in Zambia. He has weakened the rule of law and destroyed the Separation of Powers.

  2. This malembe is a staunch PF member and supporter of ECL. For him to say something against means he is also asking for his share.


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