Even though some political agents are trying to destabilize the government, President Edgar Lungu is winning in 2021 whether you like it or not – Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale







  1. Just prepare to leave next or sooner. PF is not for ever and its good days of making Zambians suffer are coming to an end. Say what you can now to please your masters but facts are facts.

  2. Pf forced its way in 2016 despite losing. In 2021 it will be a different game. Because pf stole the 2016 election, they have failed to deliver, Zambians are in in more poverty than before. Pf’s conscious is ever guilty and perfomancne is chaotic. In 2021, zambians are putting in the right man with vision(HH). Just stop gassing us!

  3. PF lacks mature people. Very soon their powers will be crippled. When you hear Kampyongo talking you would think he is almighty yet he is nothing. He is just abusing the security wings. His powers are derived from ECL. When ECL loses elections, it means he is also gone. Kampyongo run away from Zambia after 2021 elections.


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