President Edgar Chagwa Lungu receives a thunderous welcome in Shang’ombo district of Western Province



    • What kind/types of clouds are we talking about here? Cirrocumulus, cirrus, altocumulus, altostratus, stratus, cumulus or maybe nimbostratus? I don’t see how these clouds would kill the UPND.

  1. You must be dull to think that way, RB used to ferry cadres in a similar fashion and pretended that they were from his host district, but did he ferry them on a voting day? Did he not cry? How old are you to see clouds instead of a crowd, please check history and read the mood in the country before you expose your ignorance.

  2. There is no social distancing. So Lungu has taken COVID to Western province. Something wrong with Lungu. You ferry people in this covid time, sure. Leave people of Western province covid free.

  3. This is all politics to create headlines as a cover up for the Monze saga. What is really sad is the sacrificing of these people to coronavirus for the sake of gaining credibility in terms of popularity.

  4. poor souls, given covid. why did he mask himself and not poor soul. dictator. lozi’s can never be bought. dont be fooled. any way, you are campgaining for oppositions

  5. He should be charged for the jet fuel he keeps wasting campaigning when he’s out of office. There’s no difference between what he doing and corruption. No one said the president can just keep travelling aimlessly. Lungu hasn’t told us what he wants to do if he is given another 5 years term that he has failed to do now as president. For him being a president means flying everywhere his plane can land and issuing directives of things he can’t do. Because he has no time to plan and work that’s why he has now reverted to stealing projects. At this rate don’t be surprised next time if he claims Dubai’s allest building to one of the buildings he has built in Zambia

  6. The people think there is no more opposition because there is a total lockdown imposed on the opposition. No one would go to welcome ECL when they know there is credible alternative in the opposition. Anyone even from a one man party would easily beat ECL in a free and fair election.
    Up to now, no one has explained how the PF would do if given another vote on the second Thursday of August 2021 when the elections will be held. The only achievements this PF has scored are the stolen pictures of projects in other African countries and beyond.


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