President Edgar Lungu says he can’t understand why the headmen in Lundazi are saying that PF has done nothing in Lundazi



  1. The only development you have done Mr Edgar Lungu is putting more money in your personal accounts and bank accounts for your PF cadres and surrogates. There’s no development you have done Mr President of Zambia, therefore 2021 you should vacate presidency. We shall fire you come 2021 August 12 whether you like it or not.

  2. This is the sign to show you that people are no longer in you, even those you are eating with, are not willing to give you more info about what is happening on the ground

  3. The Headman was very clear and polite! If Chinamubaba Chagwa nizake! The Headman brought many important issues than your Sikazwe and other mushanina bwali are not telling you because they have learnt that telling you the truth is more dangerous than telling you lies! These lies your Minister’s and cadres are telling you every day are the same lies that made RB weep! RB wept not because he lost elections but because he realized too late that his advisors were not telling him the truth all that time about the true reality on the ground.
    The Headman raised a very important point on Water supply. He said he could not understand why after 56 years of Independence, citizens should not have piped water. The truth is the water that citizens in Urban areas use to flush their toilets is better than the water our people in rural areas drink! It’s appalling that ba president G is failing to reason over a simple matter that only requires basic wisdom! Looks like ba mudala well insulated from reality on the ground.
    It’s up to Zambians to decide if this leadership is fit for purpose or not. Let the same people who put us in this mess get us out! Don’t just complain. Clean up your mess!


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