Controversial South Africa-based Nigerian prophet Andrew Ejimadu popularly known as Seer 1 has made a shocking revelation that he killed Pastor Paul Tembo.

Prophet Seer 1 says Pastor Paul Tembo was truly a man of God but later was being sponsored by Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe to go on Christian Voice Radio to say Seer 1 was a Satanist.

Seer 1 has confessed that he warned Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe to tame his Pastor but he thought it was business as usual.



He stated in a Facebook live video that he then killed Pastor Paul Tembo using his Supernatural powers and Sunday Sinyangwe failed to protect his Pastor despite being the one who was sending him.

Pastor Paul Tembo is the initiator of the ‘Standing in the Gap’ campaign at Shalom Embassy which Seer 1 says it’s now a Kitchen Party not a church. -Zambian Watch





  1. Here is what Zambians must do!
    1. To understand that he or she who uses dark charms (Rings or any other form of charm) of a self-confessed murderer is equally capable of committing the same murders!
    2. To understand that we have never experienced gasing incidents in the history of Zambia. Why now?
    3. To ask our leaders why they have taken off those big rings that were fashionable at one point and why they took them off immediately their Seer1 started demanding his charms!
    4. To demand our leaders to come clean on these allegations and their alleged associations with Seer1!
    5. To demand for results of preliminary investigations (if any) into the spare of gasing incidents and killings!
    6. Why Zambia has lost so many precious lives from the 2016 elections to date!
    7. Zambians must begin to think and learn to connect the dots than spiritualizing everything to avoid getting deceived all the time! It’s time to wake up!


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