1. Many people have have been asking why Zambians are listening to people like Seer1.
    The reason is simple.
    People feel neglected and cheated by their leaders who seem not moved by the suffering the masses have had to endure. The Bible says ” When the righteous rule, people rejoice but when wicked people rule, the nation groans.” There is also a Bemba saying that says ” Ichalo, Bantu. Ichalo, tefikulwa.” Simply put, the Bemba saying means Human capital development is more important than infrastructure development! The standard of living for the people should be priority number one. By overborrowing for infrastructure development, the economy has been dislocated by the huge debt burden. Even BOZ is worried by the huge debt Zambia has to deal with. Citizens have had their salaries reduced through direct and indirect taxes to help meet social needs like health. The health insurance deductions constitute indirect tax. NAPSA contributions have also increased thereby reducing workers disposable income. If you look at “time value” of money, your K1,000 today will have the buying power of K10 by the time you retire. But again, does NAPSA still give a lump sum payment? How much is GRZ borrowing from NAPSA and is GRZ paying back? The increase in NAPSA contributions seems to be there to cushion government growing appetite for more borrowing! Zambians are beginning wake up and are asking many questions. Since the information ministry and religious ministries have gone quiet and have not refuted allegations raised by Seer1, even the sudden taking off of black ring charms by many of our leaders, the people are now left with no choice but to suspect something fishy has been going on! The best policy in public administration is honesty when dealing with public affairs! Free flow of credible information is critical in a nation especially in this era of social media where bad news spreads like wild fire. Mobs are acting like that because they don’t have credible information. If us in cities don’t have enough information on what is going on, imagine those in villages? The Catholic Bishops have hit the nail on the head. The root cause of Zambia’s problems = Bad Governance! Those who have been misusing Seer1’s charms please resign and spare the nation of the consequences of your misdeeds! The best would be to dissolve parliament and call for early elections to renew mandate! That is the wise thing governments do to save face when they see public confidence going down!

  2. Please Zambianoberver, don’t show this conman’s mockery of our country. If he has such powers, why did he give so-called powers to people who would later let him down? Don’t spread his superstition.


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