1. Well said SML, especially this Lubinda and Nakachinda, they have completely lost it. They are actually short of becoming lunatics.

  2. They are confused. Got used to a pay cheque every month end. Power got to their heads. They killed to survive. They think Zambians have forgotten their evils.

  3. Well said Mr Mwewa.You have hit the nail right
    On the head.Now the tides have turned so don’t
    Cry and see if you can survive five years.

  4. Indeed well said Lane. PF are greatly confused and getting mad each day that passes. They need a lot of help “a christu mapemphelo yafunika kwa a PF”. If PF had won, anything red they would have killed or maimed. They are just a batch of lunatics aiming at national destruction and self enrichment kwasila.
    Zayellow is also not anyone to trust. Even the slapping cadres did to him at Kabwata was just what he deserves – so unreal, in true terms fake leader of PF.


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