Police in Chadiza district have revealed a bizarre incident where a 56-year man has died after he allegedly crash landed in a suspected witchcraft case.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala has confirmed to Breeze FM News. Mr. Sakala says Jackson Mwale of Chikalusa village in Chief Zingalume’s area, crashed at the football pitch ground and that police officers’ who visited the crime scene found charms at the goal post.

The police commissioner says the incident happened on Monday between 04 and 06 hours. He says that at the time Mwale crashed, villagers just saw a pig on the football pitch. Mr. Sakala explains that when the villagers rushed to see what was happening after hearing a big bang, the pig fled to the graveyard and later turned to be a person in a naked state.

He says Mwale, was found completely naked and facing upward at the graveyard with charms bedsides his body, and that no physical injuries were seen except for tattoos on his joints. The police commissioner says police suspect no foul play and relatives have been advised to proceed with burial.

Story By: Breeze FM News



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