Tutwa Ngulube counsels the Financial Intelligence Centre leadership on procedural misconduct


  1. Tutwa on this issue you are wrong my dear,how do you expect the fic findings be reported to ACC,police or DEC which will not act on the findings,with due respect all these agencies were deemed to be toothless that is why the findings were published publicly for tax payers to see how their resources are abused.Those cited in this report should be questioned and prosecuted without any mercy.Now since the whole case has been known to investigative wings let them take a Keen interest so that those cited should explain on how they obtained the sources of money.

  2. It is because of people like Tutwa that this nation has remained undeveloped. I can imagine if this FIC report had to be handed to Tutwa for investigations. The FIC staff are highly educated and experienced, for people like you to condemn them for the profession job they have done clearly shows the low caliber of our lawyers and politicians.


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