A shocking video circulating online captures the leader of Christian Life Church Kampala urging his congregation to rejoice with him because T.B Joshua is dead.

Pastor Jackson Senyonga echoed in the video that the death of T.B Joshua is very right because millions of mislead souls will be saved across the world.

“We have received news that a false prophet that we know very well – we know him very well not because we are related to him but as a false prophet. TB Joshua in Nigeria has died and we don’t know the cause of his death yet,” Senyonga said.

Pastor Jackson Senyonga: I Celebrate TB Joshua’s Death Because He is a False Prophet

He described the Nigerian prophet as a false prophet who has, for a long time, led millions of his followers into darkness.

“If one person can destroy a thousand lives, ten thousand lives – he had a following of one million people yet he is fake. He taught these false prophets here in Uganda what to do. He lies and he fakes different things”.

Pastor Jackson tags himself as a leading crusader against fake pastors in Uganda and around the world and his joy comes because one of the alleged fake preachers has died.

“We are not rejoicing that he is dead, we are rejoicing that the ten thousand and twenty thousand and a million souls will live now in Jesus’ name,” he concluded.

Watch the video below


  1. Am very shocked to you pastor, don’t take up the position of God to start judging your friend, who are you to judge others? Teach love, the truth from the bible not hates, even God doesn’t celebrate the death of an evil person. Please please you are the body of Christ preach love, not hates. Ask God for forgiveness you have also sinned by taking up the position of God by judging TB Joshua. How do you know?


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