PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has taken a swipe and charged that United Party for National Development (UPND) will never rule Zambia because power is given by the people.

President Lungu said this when he drumming up support for the ruling PF candidate, former Law Association of Zambia(LAZ) President, George Chisanga.

He said PF will win both the Lukashya Constituency by- election and the 2021 general elections.

The Head of State has since urged people of Lukashya constituency in Kasama to vote for PF candidate.

Speaking when he addressed a rally at Nkole Mfumu in Kasama, Mr Lungu advised Mr Chisanga not to forget the people once voted as Member of Parliament.

“Don’t forget the people when voted for, make sure you are in touch with the grassroots such as the chiefs, church leaders and other leaders, these are the people who will tell you and give feedback on the challenges faced and the needs of the people,” President Lungu said.

And Mr Chisanga promised to deliver on all his pledged campaign promises.

Mr Chisanga, also urged people to vote for him as he will not abandon them.

“I am begging you mwebena Nkole to give me your votes. I am on my knees that on Thursday, you vote for me, George Chisanga umwana wakwa Nkole Mfumu,” he said.

Meanwhile, former United Party for National Development (UPND) vice-president, who is now serving as PF mobilization vice chairman Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM disputed reports that he taught Hakainde Hichilema how to insult.

Mr Mwamba said he does not insult from anywhere but in Lusaka.

He urged people of Lukashya not to respect leaders who insult.

And member of the MMD, Raphael Nakachinda urged voters not to entertain Mr Hichilema, whom he referred to as an enemy of peace, who should not be given any chance.

“I want to thank the chiefs here for not entertaining HH, I am urging all the chiefs in Southern Province to speak out and condemn HH for the insults. We from Southern Province are not bad people,” he said.



  1. Ba Lungu jst prepare your way out than being busy talking about HH. Your time is over and leave a time for others to rule this country.. There is no country for Lungu.. Or zambia for Lungu and the pf..
    This country is the every zambian every politician its not for pf. Look we had UNIP and MMD where are their now.. Our economy is shrinking within a single day why do you control it.. Leave zambia for others its not for Bembas only its for everybody every tribe..
    The most funny thing is Ba Lungu are you the only person who is going to vote come 2021.. Even though your people a busy giving the NRCs to CONGOLIS we the zambian we shall kick you out come 2021.. So get prepared for that. And HH will this country come 2021..

  2. The question zambians should ask him is that, what will be the economic benefit at individual household level of denying HH to lead this country? will that put food on your table,will that bring the price of fuel down?……….. its time politicians back up their statements with an economic outlook.

  3. The good thing is ECL is not God to decide. People who are truly humble don’t put themselves on the Throne of God to think they can tell the future.
    Dora Siliya is on record saying Michael Sata will never be president. Today she is shamelessly living off the sweat of Sata all because ECL has betrayed the vision and Legacy of Sata. Guess what? If we want the Kwacha to pick, we need to tame ukusabaila uku which is inflammatory and distabilizing for the Economy. Investor confidence is at an all-time low because the Risk-rating for Zambia currently is in the moderate to severe category. FWM has pushed it’s investments to 2023 because of the current political climate. If only ECL could substitute GDP and Economy talk for his HH/UPND talk, the Kwacha will stop sliding at the rate it is. Is there not one among his Advisors to tell him off about reality on the ground or all of them are the mushanina ubwali? If anything happens to HH, there will be problems because his following has grown! It would be suicide for ECL to continue scheming evil against his perceived enemies. Why can’t we play politics with the levelheadedness we saw with RB? It would be a shame to witness Zambia going up in flames. Our current leaders have small hearts! They are too irritable, intolerant and emotionally unstable! Shameful indeed!

  4. Your excellency Sir with all due respect sir Hichilema is next years president whether you like it or not. Your people are lying to you HH is thee most popular presidential candidate right now.

  5. We have always advised Lungu that those heavy machine guns you have bought will not serve you when people are annoyed. We are ready to die for this nation to be liberated from your misrule. People are suffering while you are busy stealing, and you want to continue ruling? Shame on you!


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