Zambia will now require every whatsApp group administrators to be registered and to put up rules.

‘….We will arrest the administrator in case of any breac,” says Mofya Chisala, Director Support Services Zambia Information and Communication Technology Agency(ZICTA)


  1. This is what happens in a country where evil overules rightesness. This is centred on limiting information circulation. Bring it on we are ready because only the truth shall be circulating even under such restriction. Bravo

  2. The said action is not only primitive but detrimental to education as well. There is a lot people learn from each other on social media. For example a Professor congratulated a certain family for the good they did and in response the children responded by saying it is our God who blessed us. The Professor asked them where is your God ? They answered in unison -in heaven, then the Professor asked further, have you seen or touched your God? They answered No! Have you talked to him ?-No. He said me I am a professor and can tell you that anything you don’t see or touch does not exist that is according to science, so there is no God. The children were perplexed. The youngest of them asked the Professor, Processor how do you know all these things? The Professor replied ,it is through common sense. The young boy asked him where is your common sense ,the Professor pointed at his head. The boy continued ,have you seen or touched your common sense, the Professor replied – No. The boy told him that according to science anything you don’t see and touch, does not exist, so you don’t have common sense. The Professor felt insulted and went into rage. However we learn here that his theory was wrong in every way. This was on WhatsApp.

  3. Furthermore social media gives the much needed checks and balances which most of the MP have lamentably failed to apply because of their dullness and selfish motives. More sense comes from outside Parliament because no allowances are being awaited .We can’t all be in Parliament to complain but do so in social media, if anything a good politician should be guided by what people say in social media. Those who hate social media have a lot to hide because they are mischievous by nature.


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